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Astronomy – “Ten times more massive than the sun”: Another black hole discovered

An artistic representation of a “black hole” in space. (picture alliance / perspective)

The team led by astrophysicist Kareem El-Badry explained that it is therefore closer to Earth than other black holes identified so far. It is ten times more massive than the sun.

El-Badry explained that his team followed the trail with the International Gemini Observatory in Hawaii and confirmed the results. according to the Experts | the black hole was identified from the motions of its companion star. This orbits the black hole at about the same distance as the earth orbits the sun.

It is unclear to the researchers how the system formed in the Milky Way. It was given the name “Gaia BH1” and is located in the constellation Ophiuchius. The team around El-Badry hopes for further findings at the end of 2025, when new data from the “Gaia” space probe will be published.

This message was broadcast on Deutschlandfunk on November 5th, 2022.

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