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Biden: Russia ‘indiscriminate’ in its attacks

Biden: Russia ‘indiscriminate’ in its attacks

Biden made statements to reporters about the Russia-Ukraine war before the cabinet meeting he held at the White House.

Pointing out that the US has imposed heavy economic sanctions on Russian President Vladimir Putin and people close to Putin, Biden said, “We are cutting off their access to technology and the national financial system. The results of this are already beginning to be seen.” used the phrase.

Biden stated that while imposing sanctions on Putin at the highest level, they are trying to reduce the effects of this on the USA and other countries, and said:

“In my State of the Union speech, I said that the US Department of Justice will go after Russian oligarchs. While these people fill their pockets with Russian people’s money, people in Ukraine take shelter in metro stations because they are hiding from Russia’s indiscriminate missiles.”

Reminding that the USA has imposed sanctions on some Russian oligarchs and their family members today, Biden said, “We will continue to support the Ukrainian people with our direct assistance.” said.

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