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Cooperation between IAEA and Iran will be strengthened

Cooperation between IAEA and Iran will be strengthened

Grossi, who paid a visit to Tehran to discuss the problems in various fields, especially the problems experienced in the flow of information regarding some nuclear facilities, between the IAEA and Iran, signed a joint statement on the issues agreed with the Iranian authorities.

In the written statement made by the agency, it was stated that a consensus was reached between the parties to speed up and strengthen the cooperation and dialogue aimed at solving the problems.

In the statement, it was noted that Iran will make a written statement by 20 March at the latest, including supporting documents regarding the questions raised by the Agency about the three sites (facilities) that have not yet been answered by this country.

In the statement, which stated that after the written statement and related documents are received from Iran, they will be examined by the Agency for 2 weeks, it was stated that questions will be asked to Iran in line with the data obtained.

In the statement, it was shared that the parties will meet in Tehran to discuss the questions in question, one week after the Agency’s questions directed to Iran in line with the new data it obtained from Iran.

It was also noted that separate meetings will be held for the three places in question.


Answering the questions of journalists in Vienna after his visit to Tehran, Grossi said that he left behind an intense meeting marathon, and that he met with both Iranian Foreign Minister Hussein Emir Abdullahiyan and Iran Atomic Energy Agency Chairman Mohammad Islami.

“We had a good negotiation with Iran. We were able to agree on a joint statement that will guide our steps in the coming months,” Grossi said. said.

Noting that there are issues that need to be clarified, Grossi noted that Iran is aware of the Agency’s expectations and that negotiations will continue until the necessary information is obtained.


Referring to the developments in Ukraine, Grossi said that the personnel working at the nuclear facilities here are allowed to change shifts, which is a positive development and it is pleasing that the parties consider the Agency’s warnings.

Announcing that he was ready to go to Chernobyl yesterday, Grossi shared the information that talks with his Russian and Ukrainian counterparts are continuing and the process regarding the visit is continuing.

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