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Critical meeting between Britain and Ukraine

Critical meeting between Britain and Ukraine

In the statement made by the Prime Minister’s Office Number 10, it was stated that Johnson emphasized that the British people fully support the Ukrainian people in his meeting with Zelensky.

In the statement, Johnson stated that the international support and admiration for Zelenskiy and all of Ukraine is increasing day by day.

“Leaders addressed the growing threat of Russia’s barbarian attacks on Ukrainian civilians, and Prime Minister Johnson underlined Britain’s determination to ensure Putin failed. Johnson outlined the steps Britain took to support Ukraine, and the two leaders, Johnson “The leaders discussed the urgent needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and Johnson committed to working with partners to provide more defense equipment.”

The statement also said that Johnson and Zelenskiy also discussed the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Ukraine, where Russia has stepped up indiscriminate attacks and ceasefire violations.


Britain, along with the USA, is one of the countries that support Ukraine the most in the international arena, and “strongly” recommended that its citizens, who are not required to be in Russia, leave the country.

Announcing a new additional sanctions package targeting Russian banks, companies, organizations and individuals after Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine, Britain visited Moscow before Russia’s attempt to invade Ukraine began, and after the meeting of the foreign ministers of the two countries, Russia Foreign Minister Lavrov likened his meeting with British Minister Truss to “talking to the deaf and dumb”.

The British media outlet BBC also suspended its activities in Russia.

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