Eintracht Frankfurt: Setback in the Europa League race

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Of: Sascha More

Eintracht Frankfurt loses in the Bundesliga against SC Freiburg. © IMAGO/BEAUTIFUL SPORTS/Gawlik

Eintracht Frankfurt loses against SC Freiburg on match day 29 of the Bundesliga and suffers a setback in the race for Europe.

Eintracht Frankfurt – SC Freiburg 1: 2 (0: 1)

Trapp – Tuta, Hinteregger, Ndicka – Knauff, Rode, Sow, Kostić – Lindstrøm, Borré, Hauge
Flekken – Kübler, Lienhart, N. Schlotterbeck, Günter – Sallai, Eggestein, Höler, Höfler, Grifo – Demirović
0: 1 Grifo (27th minute), 1: 1 Kostic (55th minute), 1: 2 Petersen (69th minute)


THE END: Eintracht Frankfurt loses the home game against SC Freiburg unhappily with 1:2. The SGE tried, but were unlucky with two offside goals and a shot from inside the post. The visitors made two goals from two chances. Due to the bankruptcy, it will now be difficult for Oliver Glasner’s team to qualify again for the Europa League.

90 minutes: Overtime is on. Succeed Eintracht Frankfurt. still the late compensation?

86 minutes: TOOOOOOOR for Eintracht Frankfurt! Kamada is there and scores to equalize! But there is the VAR because Kamada was ruled offside. The hit doesn’t count.

83 minutes: Very good free-kick position for Eintracht after a foul on Jakic. 17 meters, centrally in front of Flekken’s goal, Kostic, Paciencia, Hrustic and Hinteregger advise. Hrustic does it and gets stuck on the first try and only hits the inside post in the rebound. Bitter for the SGE!

79 minutes: Corner Grifo, who brings the game device inwards, but Tuta clears it. The new corner also brings nothing.

71 minutes: Is Eintracht Frankfurt coming back tonight?

69 minutes: Goal for SC Freiburg. The visitors take the lead again. Free kick Günter, Petersen lurks at the far post, who pushes the ball past Tuta & Co. over the line.

63 minutes: Eintracht Frankfurt has been superior since the equalizer and is pushing for the lead. How long will the strength last after the intense game against Barcelona on Thursday?

57 minutes: Kostic almost made it 2-1, but the Serb’s shot just missed Flekken’s goal.

54 minutes: GOOOOOOOOR for Eintracht Frankfurt! Filip Kostic suddenly went through after a sensational pass from Hauge and stayed ice cold in front of Flekken – 1:1.

52 minutes: The ball is in the Freiburg goal, Lindström was the shooter, but the goal doesn’t count. When Knauff played the Dane was offside.

50 minutes: Eintracht have a lot of ball possession, but SC Freiburg still doesn’t allow anything on the defensive.

46 minutes: Let’s continue with the second half.

halftime: Eintracht Frankfurt shows great commitment against SC Freiburg, but does not have a great chance to score. The guests definitely do it very well and played a counterattack perfectly. Coach Oliver Glasner’s team still has every chance to turn the game around in the second half.

+++ 45 minutes: There are five minutes of stoppage time.

+++ 41st minute: Kostic penetrates into the guests’ penalty area and wants to put it back, but Günter is in between and clears in dire need.

+++ 36 minutes: Sallai shoots well over Kevin Trapp’s goal from 17 yards out.

+++ 31st minute: Sow gritted his teeth but now has to be replaced. Jakic comes into the game for him.

+++ 27 minutes: Goal for SC Freiburg. The guests countered Eintracht Frankfurt mercilessly and took the lead. In the end it is Grifo who gets the ball from Sallai in an exemplary manner. The Italian international makes a swerve, plays Trapp and pushes into the empty goal.

+++ 25 minutes: Djibril Sow suddenly sits on the lawn and needs treatment. Will the Swiss continue or does he have to be substituted?

+++ 23 minutes: Corner kick for the guests. Günter brings the ball inside, but Eggestein twists completely in the penalty area – kick off SGE.

+++ 17 minutes: Now Knauff just tries it from 17 meters, but his shot is too central and no problem for Flekken.

+++ 16 minutes: Both teams are still playing tentatively, large offensive actions have so far been scarce in the Frankfurt Arena.

+++ 11 minutes: The first chance for Eintracht Frankfurt, but Borre misses a good deal.

+++ 6th minute: The people have been released, and football can continue.

+++ 3rd minute: The game is stopped because two people tied themselves to Kevin Trapp’s goal posts.

+++ 1st minute: Kick-off in the Frankfurt Arena. Eintracht plays all in black from right to left.

++ Update from Sunday, April 10th, 2022, 4:33 p.m.: The lineups of both teams are here. Oliver Glasner and Christian Streich have chosen the following personnel:

Eintracht Frankfurt: Trapp – Tuta, Hinteregger, Ndicka – Knauff, Rode, Sow, Kostić – Lindstrom, Borré, Hauge

Sc freiburg: Flekken – Kübler, Lienhart, N. Schlotterbeck, Günter – Sallai, Eggestein, Höler, Höfler, Grifo – Demirović

First report: frankfurt – Eintracht Frankfurt hosts SC Freiburg in the Bundesliga between the two quarter-finals in the Europa League against FC Barcelona. It is an important game for the SBU, because they need every point for the renewed European Cup qualification Oliver Glasner six points behind. If they were successful against Freiburg, the SBU would suddenly be back in the middle of the fight for international places.

Eintracht Frankfurt: Lenz against Freiburg not in the squad

Eintracht Frankfurt has no injuries after the first leg against FC Barcelona. “All the players are still fit. Chris Lenz has been training with the team but will not be in the squad for Sunday. If it develops well, he is again a candidate for the tasks afterwards. We have plenty to draw from,” said Oliver Glasner at the press conference before the game against Freiburg.

“We make the best possible use of the brief preparation. We already started with regenerative measures after the game. That was also the case on Friday for those who played. We were there with the others. Friday is still a little rest, from Saturday the focus is fully on Freiburg. We’ll be ready,” Glasner describes the preparation for the Bundesliga game.

Eintracht Frankfurt: Glasner praises SC Freiburg

The Eintracht Frankfurt coach is full of praise for the upcoming opponent: “The Freiburg season doesn’t surprise me. You have a lot of continuity in the squad and especially on the coaching bench. It’s going to be a very difficult game, as we saw in the first half of the season. They will demand everything from us.”

“Freiburg has clear processes and changes the formation from time to time. Christian Streich likes to mirror the opposing system to gain access. They have a lot of unpredictable offensive players, good standards and a top joker in Petersen,” Glasner continued. Glasner did not say exactly what the starting eleven will look like, but one player will definitely appear. “I field the team that I’m convinced we’ll win. It’s not about doing someone a favor. This also applies to Sunday. Tuta will start,” revealed the SBU coach. (smr)

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