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Further sanctions planned: USA wants to ban “new investments” in Russia

More sanctions planned
US wants to ban “new investments” in Russia

After the EU sanctions, the USA followed with further punitive measures against Russia. These are reportedly aimed primarily at the banking sector and Kremlin officials. Russia is said to be further isolated “economically, financially and technologically”.

The US wants to announce a new package of sanctions against Russia on Wednesday, including a ban on “any new investment” in the country. Stricter sanctions against financial institutions and state-owned companies in Russia as well as new punitive measures against Russian government officials and their families are also planned, according to informed circles.

The sanctions will therefore be imposed in coordination with the EU and the other G7 countries. The new package of sanctions will impose “significant costs” on Russia and will further isolate the country “economically, financially and technologically,” sources said. According to the broadcaster NBC, the punitive measures are aimed primarily at the banking sector and representatives of the Kremlin.

The new sanctions come in response to alleged Russian atrocities against civilians in the Kiev suburb of Bucha. “We have already come to the conclusion that Russia committed war crimes in Ukraine, and the information from Bucha appears to show new evidence of war crimes,” sources said. New sanctions are a way to hold those responsible accountable.

EU follows up on sanctions

US President Joe Biden had already described the alleged Russian atrocities in Bucha as “war crimes” on Monday and announced new sanctions against Moscow. His National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan, said the sanctions would be announced later this week. The West has already imposed a series of harsh sanctions on Russia since Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine began on February 24.

During the day, the EU presented a comprehensive package of new sanctions against Russia. According to EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, it includes, among other things, an import ban on coal from Russia. The import of wood, cement and alcoholic beverages such as vodka should also be prohibited.

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