HSV fans ignite pyrotechnics in Kiel – Jatta was thrown with a cup

For two years, most of the HSV Ultras did not attend the HSV games during the Corona period. It would be better if some of them stayed at home. In Kiel, some chaos caused the game to be interrupted – even the end of the northern derby threatened.

The bill that the HSV will flutter into the house from the DFB should have it all. In Kiel, some of the fans who had traveled with us went completely nuts…

HSV block ignites: referee interrupts game in Kiel

The fan shame in the stadium. From the moment the whistle blew up in the HSV block filled with 1,600 fans, several cannon shots could be heard. Referee Daniel Schlager interrupted the game after just 90 seconds. As the situation became more violent, he sent both teams into the dressing room. Unbelievable: A flare shot out of the HSV block just missed the back gate grandstand, where many children were sitting with their parents.

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That was too much for the HSV board members Jonas Boldt and Thomas Wüstefeld. With arms waving, they marched in the direction of the HSV block, and a little later the criminals disguised as fans calmed down. “It was too much for me,” said HSV coach Tim Walter. “At some point it’s good, you damage your club. You should bring more voice and colors to the stadium than other things.”

Substitution: HSV fan throws beer mugs at Jatta

After a seven-minute break, Schlager started the game again.

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It wasn’t the only nasty incident of the day. When HSV attacker Bakery Jatta left the field after 65 minutes, he was almost hit by a cup and the entire HSV bank was in an uproar. The thrower – an HSV fan! – turned himself in immediately, was taken away by law enforcement officers.

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