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OLED televisions from Philips at MediaMarkt and Saturn on Black Friday a whopping 800 euros cheaper

MediaMarkt and Saturn hold a good and up-to-date OLED for you Black Friday ready – the Philips OLED707. It usually costs almost 1,800 euros, am Black Friday you can get the Philips television for just under 1,000 euros. We’ll show you why this is a good deal.

Philips OLED707 – a 55 inch TV with everything you need

We were already able to do a few in our test laboratory Philips TV welcome and so far all TVs of the brand have done “very well” – but we didn’t have the Philips OLED707 with us, but the bigger brother, the OLED807, who was able to dust off the final mark of 9.2 from us. So we can only make an estimate of how this year’s model will fare. Based on the data, however, we expect a very good television – after all, the Philips OLED707 also has an OLED panel. Deep black and high contrasts should be guaranteed, we would be surprised if the entire picture wasn’t also on a high level. Especially since, in addition to HDR10, both Dolby Vision and HDR10+ are supported as HDR formats.

The panel has a refresh rate of 120 Hz, gaming is likely 55 inch TV so don’t face any big problems. You connect Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 via HDMI 2.1, two of the four connections support the standard. From our experience, you probably only have to make a few compromises when it comes to operation, the menus are a bit nested. Ambilight beckons as a bonus, which, in contrast to the slightly more expensive models, only covers three instead of four sides, but should still enable great color games on the back.

Get it now at the Philips OLED707 on Black Friday

Although we were not able to test the television ourselves, we strongly assume that the picture should be at a very high level thanks to OLED technology. There are also the latest gaming features including VRR, Dolby Vision and HDR10+ support and, to top it off, Ambilight on top. The Philips OLED707 is also from this year – and then already so cheap. For around 1.00 euros you will rarely find a current one OLED TV with this equipment and 55 inch screen size.

Will you take advantage of the Philips OLED707 offer? Or do you grab other brands on Black Friday? Tell us your opinion in the comments!

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