Ramzan Kadyrov threatens new attacks

Dhe President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy has been harsh on Russia’s policy of denial of facts. Meanwhile, his deputy economy minister sees completely different hard facts and estimates the damage caused by the Russian military in the country to be at least one trillion dollars. The sum could still increase, because according to Kiev, the Russian army is still working on the “minimum target of eastern Ukraine”. Meanwhile, Austria’s Chancellor Karl Nehammer wants to try his hand at building bridges between Kyiv and Moscow and travels to the Kremlin.

Zelenskyy said in his video address on the night of Ukraine that while Ukraine is trying to bring to justice “every bastard who came into our country under the Russian flag and killed our people,” Russia is trying to evade responsibility Monday. “What is Russia doing? What are his officials, his propagandists and the ordinary people doing who just repeat what they heard on TV,” Zelenskyy referred to the selective truth-seeking of the state-controlled Russian media. “They justify themselves and deny. You deny any responsibility. You lie,” said Zelenskyj.

Kadyrov threatens further attacks on Ukrainian cities

Close Putin ally and ruler of the Russian republic of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, threatens further attacks on Ukrainian cities. “There will be an offensive … not only on Mariupol, but also on other places, towns and villages,” Kadyrov says in a video published on his Telegram channel. First Luhansk and Donetsk will be “completely liberated”, then Kyiv and all other cities will be taken.

Zelenskyj: Russia has robbed itself of all political instruments

In Zelenskyy’s opinion, Moscow also does not have the courage to admit its misguided policy in relation to its neighbors. “They are afraid to admit that for decades they have taken wrong positions and expended colossal resources to support human zeros they aspired to build as future heroes of the Ukrainian-Russian friendship.”

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