Russians in Munich demonstrate against “Putin’s war”

Russians demonstrate in Munich against the war in Ukraine (archive photo). At the beginning of April they met on Europaplatz and last Sunday they demonstrated on Marienplatz. (Source: images)

In several German cities, people have demonstrated for Russia – including in the Allgäu. In contrast, Russian opponents of Putin sent a signal in nearby Munich.

Around 200 people out Russia demonstrated at the weekend in Munich against the war in Ukraine. As reported by Bayerischer Rundfunk and the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, the demonstrators met on Sunday at Marienplatz. The organizers wanted “a signal against the simultaneous pro-Russian motorcades”.

An organizer told BR that she had not experienced the “Russian hatred” described by participants in the motorcades. The parades are much more present in the media, with the demonstration on Marienplatz one wants to make people visible who are against Putin. A car parade drove from Kaufbeuren to Kempten in the nearby Allgäu on Sunday. According to the police, around 600 people took part.

Russian opponents of Putin demonstrate in Munich

Had more attention a week ago excited a demonstration in Berlin. There, participants also showed forbidden symbols, such as the “Z” appropriated by Russian war propaganda.

A speaker at the demonstration at Marienplatz also demanded a gas embargo and a speed limit from Germany in order to end its dependence on Russia for energy policy. In addition, a Russian businessman from Moscow was also involved, who reported on other opponents of the war in Russia.

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