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Son expelled from elite school – “Glad Diego is not a nerd”

Verona Pooth stands by her son Diego and defends him, despite being expelled from school.

Verona Pooth’s eldest son, Diego Pooth, at the age of 18 already knows exactly what he wants to be: a golf pro. For this reason, the celebrity offspring visits the sports boarding school IMG Academy in Miami. There he has the opportunity to graduate and work on his golf career at the same time.

In addition to golf will be on the school also other sports like tennis, baseball, basketball, soccer, and American football athletics taught. The school’s best-known graduates include former tennis pros Boris Becker, André Agassi and the sisters Serena and Venus Williams. With 4500 euros per month, the sports academy is anything but cheap.

Now, however, Diego has got himself in trouble at the elite school. Loud “imageThe teenager reportedly left the hotel with three other golfers to eat burgers during a three-day tournament in Tampa. The consequence: Diego is suspended from training for six weeks.

Verona Pooth: She thinks her son’s suspension is “exaggerated”

Diego himself has not yet commented on his suspension, but his mother Verona Pooth spoke to “Bild”. In an interview with the newspaper, she defended her son: “Of course I understand that 1,300 students cannot do what they want. However, I think the decision is very strict.” In this regard, she clarified:

“I’m glad my son isn’t a nerd, but has rough edges.”

In her eyes, the suspension was excessive and she and her husband Franjo thought the decision was too strict, the 53-year-old explained and added: “We also knew in advance that many other golfers had already been released from golf lessons, partly because of what we considered to be trifles.”

Diego Pooth: celebrity offspring already had trouble with the police

Even if Verona defends her son, she will not go to him USA fly and also explained why:

“I raised him so that he has to deal with problems on his own. He already did that and looked for a small apartment and organized his own sports and golf program.”

It is also important, emphasized Verona, that Diego can graduate from high school at the end of May despite the suspension.

It’s not the first time Diego Pooth has been in trouble. In the podcast “The Poothcast”, which he recorded with his mother for some time, he revealed in March last year that he had to do 15 hours of community service on an animal farm. The reason: He was from the police caught with his father’s Vespa, which he had made “really fast”.


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