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Sony TV 2022: QD-OLED starts at 3,000 euros with free PlayStation 5

Sony is now accepting pre-orders for the 2022 TVs launched at CES in January, including the world’s first QD-OLED TVs, the A95K series, starting at just over €3,000. Those who pre-order the A95K, A80K and X95K series will receive a PlayStation 5 free of charge until mid-May.

Sony today released the A95K QD OLED Series, A80K OLED Series, X95K Mini LED LCD Series, X90K and X85K LED LCD Series for pre-order. The A90K series, which includes the particularly small OLED televisions in 42 and 48 inches, the cheaper OLED series A75K in 55 and 65 inches and the 8K flagship series Z9K, which is planned in 75 and 85 inches, are still outstanding .

Sony was the first manufacturer in the world to announce QD OLED TVs based on Samsung Display’s new panels. In the meantime, Samsung itself has announced corresponding models for May with the S95B series. Sony is now taking pre-orders and wants the new TVs “briefly“ released into the market.

QD-OLED in 55 inches for 3,049 euros

Sony had been eagerly awaiting what the new QD OLED televisions would cost. Today it is clear: the model with 55 inches costs 3,049 euros, the version with 65 inches costs 4,049 euros. Samsung Display has not yet produced other panel sizes with QD-OLED technology, although the curved version with 34 inches for monitors is an exception, which is used in the Alienware AW3423DW (test), for example.

The A80K is launched in the classic OLED segment, which is then also available in 77 inches and costs 4,499 euros. Sony calls 3,199 euros for 65 inches and 2,299 euros for 55 inches. More details on the QD OLED and OLED models are in the announcement in January and the Website for Sony TVs refer to.

Mini LED televisions from 3,499 euros

Below the 8K series Z9K, which cannot be pre-ordered yet, the X95K sits as the new LCD flagship in the 4K segment, whose panel is illuminated by a mini-LED backlight. Sony offers this series in 85, 77 and 65 inches at prices of 6,499, 4,499 and 3,499 euros.

PlayStation 5 for pre-order

When pre-ordering or purchasing a TV model from the A95K, A80K or X95K series from April 11, 2022 up to and including May 10, 2022, customers will receive a PlayStation 5 for free. the Terms and Conditions page currently delivers a 404 error message.

Minimum 43 inches for the X85K

The X90K and X85K, which are available in 85 to 55 inches and the X85 also in 50 and 43 inches, work with classic LED backlighting. The price range extends from 3,999 euros for the largest version to 1,049 euros for the smallest model.

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