The first gameplay trailer for the open-world detective sim Shadows of Doubt was released yesterday

A city full of mysteries that a renowned private investigator will get to the bottom of in a unique gaming experience: ColePowered Games and Fireshine Games have joined the PC Gaming Show: 2023 Preview the first official gameplay trailer for the open world detective simulation Shadows of Doubt presented. It will be the first to show game scenes from the title, which will be released for PC early next year.

In Shadows of Doubtpresented at gamescom 2022 by UKIE as UK Game of the Show was awarded, players must think like a detective and use a variety of gadgets to solve crimes in a fully simulated sci-fi city. There they meet individual citizens – each with their own name, job, apartment and daily routine. Each case requires an individual approach to locating the suspects. Fingerprints have to be scanned, call lists checked, private emails read, citizens bribed and surveillance recordings checked to get relevant information. It may also be necessary to pick locks, open doors or sabotage security systems to examine important locations more closely. Each case can be solved in different ways.

Shadows of Doubt will be released for the PC in early 2023 and can already be played now be added to the Steam wishlist. More information is available at @detectivesim on Twitter or below

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