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This is what the new “free games” for PS4 and PS5 offer

In April, PlayStation Plus subscribers can again look forward to a few “free games” as part of the service. In our overview, we’ll tell you whether it might be worth giving these titles a chance.

Of course we would like to give you the once again in April new “free games” for PlayStation Plus subscribers. This month you can download three fresh games without any additional costs. We would like to take a closer look at what you can expect from these titles below.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends (PS4, PS5)

Playtime: –

It starts with the multiplayer stealth game “Hood: Outlaws & Legends”, which is loosely based on the legend of the famous hero Robin Hood. Initially, you either choose to play the famous thief or go into battle as one of his allies. There are different character classes, each with a unique talent that you need to combine wisely with those of your fellow combatants. In each round, two teams of four compete against each other and compete for a vault key and the treasure that can be reached with it.

However, you not only play against other human players, but also against the AI. Various guards lurk in the levels for careless thieves to mercilessly put them through their paces. If you are spotted, your AI enemies will seal off the area in question, which of course limits your options. To make matters worse, your position is shown on the opponent’s map. In this way, a pleasantly tactical note is added to raids, which encourages you to land the perfect coup.

Although pulling off the perfect thief train is great fun, the game has suffered from a fairly limited community since its release. So it could be difficult to find enough players. But who knows, maybe the multiplayer game will find new life through the PS Plus integration. A refreshingly different online game awaits you here that can captivate you with its gameplay strengths. Provided you’re willing to give the title a chance to convince you of its qualities.

Slay the Spire (PS4)

Playing time: ~11 hours (story); ~212 hours (complete)

The most unusual PlayStation Plus game this month is certainly “Slay the Spire”, which has earned a name as an insider tip since its release. One of the reasons for this is the special genre mix, because the title combines a deck building game with elements of a roguelike and also mixes them with a dungeon crawler. At the beginning you choose one of three characters and start the adventure with a fairly simple deck. Of course, that changes over time.

As you progress your way to the top of the tower against all kinds of monsters, you’ll gain access to better cards, which in turn will allow you to make more complex moves. As you keep getting new cards and you acquire important knowledge about the world and the monsters, you will get better with each pass. A complete run through should only take you about an hour if everything goes perfectly, but the game quickly develops a real pull effect due to the motivating gameplay.

If you have a weakness for exactly this type of game, then you should definitely give the title a chance. The journey to the top is always challenging, but never boring and motivates you to stay on the controller. Overall, it’s a game that you should definitely check out.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated (PS4)

Playing time: ~9 hours (story); ~14 hours (complete)

Meanwhile, the last game of the bunch takes us deep into the sea, to the home of what is probably the most famous yellow sponge in the world. There’s a lot going on in Bikini Bottom as Fiesling Plankton has created a robot army and unleashed it on the town to bring the Krusty Krab to his knees once and for all. In the middle of it all, of course, are SpongeBob SquarePants and his friends, who now have their hands full. On the way you will meet various well-known characters such as Patrick, Mister Krabs, Sandy or Squidward.

Fans of the animated template can look forward to the German voice actors known from the TV series, who breathe more life into their characters. By the way, this is really convincing, which in combination with the well-known melodies contributes a lot to the atmosphere of the title. However, SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated shows its age. The technically very neatly revised new edition is noticeably getting on in years in terms of game design.

If you can make friends with these weaknesses, more precisely the simple mission design and the rather repetitive fights, you will get a more than decent action platformer here. This benefits above all from its iconic template and offers you solid and equally relaxed entertainment. SpongeBob fans should definitely check out the title, but fans of the genre can also take a look with a clear conscience.

Will you be playing any of these PlayStation Plus games in April?

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