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Werder Bremen and FC St. Pauli are still hot candidates for promotion behind the new second division leaders Schalke 04. The northern rivals are going into the season finale with anticipation and a clear head. But who benefits more from the 1-1 before the five-game final sprint?

by Andreas Bellinger

Werder’s championship lead is gone – St. Pauli’s direct promotion place too. And yet the protagonists were not overly disappointed after the exciting and good-class 1-1 in the Millerntor Stadium, which was sold out for the first time in two Corona years. Here and there, they agreed that they had shown a strong top game in the second division. And everyone complained for themselves that they could have left the pitch as winners.

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The 1:1 at the Millerntor was a fair result – but the Bremer Tor was an excitement. Schalke 04 overtook their northern rivals. more

Werder and St. Pauli: Too few goals on the account?

In fact, the friendly Hanseatic townspeople proved that they are right to fight for promotion and five games before the end of the season as second (Werder/53 points) or third (St. Pauli/52) they still have the best prospects of making the leap into the football elite create. Behind the new leaders Schalke 04 (53), who, however, have a goal difference that is ten goals better. A bargaining chip in the final statement?

Schultz: “It feels like it’s getting tighter”

In any case, the mood in the interplay at the top of the table has not changed for weeks. “Wow, it’s tight up there,” said St. Pauli coach Timo Schultz. “And it feels like it’s getting tighter and tighter from weekend to weekend.”

Coach Timo Schultz from the second division football club FC St. Pauli © Witters Photo: TayDuc Lam

AUDIO: Schultz: “It’s not easy for the referees” (2 min)

However, the much-cited pressure doesn’t seem to bother him any more than his equally calm colleague from the Weser. “We just have to keep a clear head and concentrate on the things that we can influence,” said Werder’s Ole Werner after the entertaining exchange of blows, which, despite all the toughness and doggedness, was characterized by pleasing fairness.

Remaining program: slipping forbidden

Of course, despite a number of missed chances, the fair draw didn’t really help either of them on the way back to the Bundesliga. But it didn’t do them any particular harm either. Especially since both Hamburg and Bremen still have to play at Schalke and against Nuremberg.

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The second division championship trophy © Witters Photo: Valeria Witters

The rest of the program for the top teams in the second Bundesliga at a glance. Also present: St. Pauli, Werder and HSV. more

In addition, the Kiezkicker will have to deal with the stubborn competitor from Darmstadt in the next home game in two weeks, who had to accept a setback in the promotion race at 1: 3 in Nuremberg.

A slip-up like a week ago at Hansa Rostock (0-1) should not be repeated for St. Pauli, just as little as the lapse that Werder made in the Weser Stadium in the 1-1 draw against relegation candidate Sandhausen.

St. Paulis Ziereis: “We’re looking forward to these great games”

St. Pauli has its next away game in Sandhausen. But scaring doesn’t apply to Schultz ahead of the season finale. “We are right in the middle and are looking forward to the remaining games,” he told NDR. “If we can pull off today’s performance and add a little more then we’ll win a few more.”

Captain Philipp Ziereis doesn’t see it any differently: “We’re looking forward to these great games. A year ago nobody thought we could do it. We’ll give everything to get promoted.”

Werner: “Have to stay with us”

Werner also radiates this confidence. “We have to stay as we are. Today we proved that we can come back despite falling behind and survive despite opposition.” Daniel-Kofi Kyereh’s lead (43rd minute) was equalized by Niclas Füllkrug (58th minute). If Marvin Ducksch hadn’t just hit the crossbar just before the end, there would have been more.

Werder Bremen coach Ole Werner © IMAGO / Ulrich Hufnagel

AUDIO: Werder coach Werner: Did a great away game (2 min)

“Bremen have proven that they have a great team,” said Schultz, but did not hide the fact that both coaches are not completely satisfied with the result. “All in all you have to say that so much has happened that in the end both teams are unhappy and would have liked to have gotten the three points. But a point is not unimportant either.”

Ziereis was more annoyed by the one or two unfortunate referee decisions against St. Pauli in what he considered to be a “deserved division of points”: “But we have to accept them.”

Werders Agu: “Every point will be important in the end”

Werner saw Werder at an advantage overall: “If you look at the game as a whole, St. Pauli also had good phases.” Goal scorer Füllkrug spoke of dominance, but above all criticized the evaluation of chances – including his own: “In the first half, we lacked the final luck, or the quality. We could have scored at least three goals, then we would have one good job done.”

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A football table in front of a football motif © Colourbox Photo: Pressmaster

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So be it, said defender Felix Agu, whose handball had no effect on the equalizer: “We’ll take every point, every point will be important in the end.”

Next opponents Sandhausen and Nuremberg

While St. Pauli has to score points in Sandhausen next Saturday (1.30 p.m. / NDR Livecenter), Bremen are expecting 1.FC Nürnberg at the same time on Sunday, who will certainly appear in the Weserstadion with a lot of confidence after beating SV Darmstadt 98 . And then it’s off to Schalke 04, who have to defend their lead in the table next week in Darmstadt.

“Now the hot phase begins, now it feels like everyone aspiring to promotion is playing against everyone else,” said Bremen’s Marco Friedl, who returned home with a broken nose after a duel with Jakov Medic (66th). “What was unfortunate today, we’ll try to do better then.”

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Assistant coach Andre Trulsen and coach Holger Stanislawski (from left) thank the fans who traveled to Fürth after being promoted to the Bundesliga (photo from 2010).  © Witter's photo: Matthias Hangst

The 56-year-old was promoted five times as a player and assistant coach with the Kiezclub. St. Pauli could go up again this season, according to “Truller”. more

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