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YouTube for iOS: Picture-in-picture function becomes a farce

The picture-in-picture feature for YouTube on the iPhone is slowly being made a mockery by the company. The company proves that the function is feasible and relatively easy to implement, because the function was tested long enough – at least for premium members.

The test is now over and YouTube announced when asked that that the picture-in-picture feature for iOS will be spread over the coming days. While the feature is “gone” for some users, some readers with Premium access can still find it under “Settings > General” of the app.

Now YouTube has come around the corner and has communicates: “Oh no, that’s about YouTube TV for iOS and not YouTube on the iPhone at all!” Zack, original tweet deleted and added that the picture-in-picture function for YouTube can only be used by premium customers with Android smartphones is.

Let’s see whether such a function, which has been supported by the system since iOS 14, can really be distributed in a timely manner – and whether it can / must remain behind a payment barrier.

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