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News in Current Affairs, Politics, Sports, Tabloids, Culture and Art, Foreign News and all other categories and to make it easier for the internet user to access the news.

Impartial Journalism: We approach the events that are the subject of the news published on our website or the people mentioned in the news with complete impartiality. We, as the “intermediary” that delivers the news to the reader, have adopted the principle of not changing the meaning of any news and not manipulating any news.

Mimikless Journalism: We are not interested in the fact that the content of the news we provide to our readers is “good news / bad news”, “good news / black news”. When presenting the news, we are not presenting it to the reader with the air of “you should be happy now” or “don’t be sad now”; we are only conveying the truth, only what has happened. What kind of emotions a news story will arouse in the reader is a matter for the reader to decide.

Clarity: We argue that any facts and any events should not be pushed aside, consciously or unconsciously thrown aside with tiny dots and hidden from view. Whatever happened and whatever event is news is our topic, and the reader has the right to know and learn about it. We will not hide any news, we will not reduce it, we will not lose sight of it.

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