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Only mixed and sometimes heavy criticism of the technology

Forspoken from Luminous Productions and the large publisher Square Enix is ​​preparing to hope for technology with Microsoft’s Direct Storage to lay the foundation for short loading times on the PC and to make them socially acceptable. Aside from that, Forspoken is also an ordinary video game that comes out today and has previously been scrutinized by the gaming press. This is not entirely unanimous about where to go with the journey Forspoken should go, which is reflected in the average of the final rating, which can be read as the Metascore on the Metacritic website.

Technology hope Forspoken: All hopes lost?

The testers had the opportunity to try out Forspoken exclusively on the Playstation 5. The Metascore results in 68 points, which can be seen as mixed. Out of 63 reviews, 23 are positive, 37 are mixed and 3 are negative. So Game Informer awards about 75 points and is less of the action and the combat system in Forspoken

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TheGamer, like Game Informer, praises the game’s movement system, calling it the real gem. Otherwise it is a “cumbersome game with cumbersome dialogues and characterizations.” In addition, other reports are piling up that give the game a rather weak to mediocre rating. It turns out that the characters, especially the protagonist Frey, lack depth and that the plot also leaves a lot to be desired. The gameplay is more praised. On the other hand, Gaming Nexus, who have 95 points to distribute and in principle praise every element in the game, as well as Square Enix, who “still have it down”, are completely convinced. The PC Games colleagues have meanwhile decided against testing Forspoken and explain how it came about.

What is there to criticize about the technical aspects?

The YouTube channel Digital Foundry has a lot to criticize about the technology. In his video reviewing the PS5 version of Forspoken, he talks about what he feels works and what doesn’t in the game. In the case of the latter, the lighting in the game is criticized on the technical level, which has not been implemented well and sometimes seems unnatural, which Square Enix is ​​said to have done even better with Final Fantasy 15. But there is a particular problem with the surrounding occlusion. Digital Foundry also criticizes the representation of the shadows, which are still acceptable with ray tracing. In addition, it can happen that textures are rendered in low quality in cutscenes.

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The same applies to the internal image quality from which FSR2 works. This is said to be surprisingly low, so it could happen that the performance mode, which is aimed at 1440p, can drop to 720p via FSR2 and the quality mode to 1080p. The ray tracing mode is in between and is Digital Foundry’s preferred mode at 40 fps because it is also the most stable over the VRR. Finally, the general performance in the game is mentioned, in which lower frame rates of only 20 fps in quality mode can occur at a certain point in the game. In the video (embedded in the article), Digital Foundry explains the listed construction sites in more detail.

Source: Metacritic, DigitalFoundry

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