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Endgame Gear XM2w: Ultra-light wireless professional mouse announced

from Rhonda Bachman
Hardware manufacturer Endgame Gear has introduced a new gaming mouse. The XM2w, which has been newly developed from the ground up, is aimed particularly at gamers and eSports enthusiasts and scores points with its fast responsiveness. The mouse can currently be pre-ordered and will be released soon.

The hardware manufacturer Endgame Gear has presented a successor to its previous gaming mice. The Endgame Gear XM2w is said to be an ultra-light and wireless professional gaming mouse for all common grip types. The mouse, which is said to weigh just 63 grams, can already be pre-ordered in black and white and should be available soon. Both models should cost 109.90 euros.

Ultra light and fast

The main feature of the Endgame Gear XM2w is said to be its fast response time. A PAW3370 sensor from PixArt is installed for this purpose, which is designed for maximum performance. It offers low input lag with no smoothing and comes without any power saving states. With no smoothing, averaging, or interpolation, the tracking data from the PAW3370 sensor is intended to be as raw and accurate as possible. The resolution can be adjusted in increments of 50 on the bottom of the mouse and can be set from 50 to 26,000 CPI. Hand-selected Kailh GM 8.0 switches are installed for the main buttons, and Kailh GM 2.0 switches are used for the side buttons.

The Endgame Gear XM2w comes with two STM32 ARM microcontrollers. The first is a 64 megahertz ARM Cortex-M4, which takes over the main task of the mouse. There is also a 32 megahertz ARM Cortex-M0 on board, which takes care of the wireless connection. While the mouse is charging, it can continue to be used via the included Endgame Gear Flex Cord 3.0 cable.

According to Endgame Gear, the XM2w should have a click response time of less than one millisecond. The device is also supplied with both large and small mouse skates. The small skates are pre-assembled, but can easily be exchanged. Another skate for the middle of the mouse is included, which should be used on particularly soft surfaces.

Source: Caseking

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